Course description

Microsoft Project provides a number of capabilities that may be used to address all important parts of project management, including planning and scheduling, teamwork, reporting, resource management, etc. Various classes of users have varying levels of access to various software functions and project phases, including various perspectives and data.

These days, employing software to manage projects is the greatest and most efficient alternative due to the advancement of technology in all spheres of employment. In addition to saving time, it also virtually eliminates the possibility of human error.

What will i learn?

  • Know how to create a new project.
  • How to estimate task duration, organizing tasks into phases, Linking, editing and unlinking tasks.
  • How to use task information dialog box.
  • How to assign roles and resources in a project.
  • Select project scheduling date, project calendar, create new calendar and understand the project screen.


  • There are no minimum entry requirements for this course. Learners should be able to communicate in English.




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