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Entrepreneurship is the process of starting a new business. Building a company from the ground up requires more than just capital investment. Successful entrepreneurs have a clear vision and know the steps to reach their goals and understand how to compete within the market landscape. They can zero in on customer needs in order to develop solutions that can be tested and then delivered at scale. And they have the financial literacy to understand whether different business ventures will result in profit for both themselves and their investors. Being an entrepreneur can be risky, but it can bring in big rewards.

What will i learn?

  • • You'll learn new skills. Entrepreneurs wear many hats.
  • • A better work-life balance.
  • • Helping you to grow in confidence.
  • • Seize your independence.
  • • Contributing to world progress.
  • • Work where you want.
  • • Entrepreneurship improves you as a person


  • There are no minimum entry requirements for this course. Learners should possess eagerness to learn and be flexible

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