Course description

Mobile Crane Operator Training is designed for operators, safety personnel, and supervisors of all types of Mobile Cranes. Training thoroughly covers cranes regulated by OSHA 1926, 1910, and ASME B30.5. They will learn critical elements that include; operational characteristics, load charts, proper set-up, use of jibs and extensions, load indicating devices, crane stability, structural competence, pre-use & periodic inspections, hazard awareness, power line hazards, operator responsibilities, job planning, with extensive workshop interaction.

What will i learn?

  • Understand and know Roles & Responsibilities of a Crane Operators
  • Know Mobile Crane Types Identify Component & Terminology
  • Understand Health Safety Regulations and ASME Standards
  • Understand Hand Signal Communication
  • Understand Proper Crane Operating Procedures
  • Understanding Load Capacity Charts and Operating Instructions
  • Know how to Practice Pre/Post-Operational Inspections
  • Understand Load Maneuvering Procedures
  • Understand Critical and Multi-Crane Lift Procedures etc. (Course Content not vetted by IADC as part of DIT Accreditation)


  • This course is for individuals that have little or no Crane Operation experience and wish to gain theoretical and practical knowledge of Crane Operations
  • Age: 18 years and above
  • Literacy: Basic reading and Writing Skills
  • Fitness: Certificate of Physical and Mental Fitness
  • Physical Ability: Good eyesight, sound hearing and ability to judge distance correctly




Skill level


Expiry period




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