Course description

The application of work, force, and energy to pneumatics principles is covered in this course. demonstrates the working principles of air compressors with reciprocating, positive displacement, rotary, and dynamic actions. includes both initial and secondary air treatment. includes air motors, logic components, cylinders, and valves. An overview of pneumatics-safe work procedures is also included in the training.

What will i learn?

  • Understand the characteristics, generation and preparation of air.
  • Application of pneumatics.
  • Identify various schematic symbols used in pneumatics.
  • Design a basic pneumatic schematic drawing from a given requirement.
  • How a fluid power system works?
  • Understanding the physics of Pneumatics.
  • Identify various components and their operation used in pneumatics.
  • Use pneumatic components effectively in circuits.
  • Describe the maintenance requirements of each component.
  • Safe work practices for pneumatics.


  • A working knowledge of basic maintenance skills.




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