Course description

This course provides the participant with understanding of how and when geoscience and engineering professionals use technology to determine and then optimize the economic value of an oil and gas field. This enables the participant to maximize their professional and administrative contribution in their organization. Participants first learn and understand why various global oil and gas production types and plays (unconventional and conventional) have different value. The participant learns which technologies are used by the geoscience and engineering departments during each stage of the asset life cycle and WHY! This E&P lifecycle context accelerates an understanding of basic petroleum technologies and the oil industry. This learning is achieved through guided discussions, videos, animations, and progressive team exercises utilizing 'Our Reservoir' and 'Our Well' as working models.

What will i learn?

  • • Understand the E&P Process and how it differs in conventional vs unconventional plays, the role of each technical department and specialist, and the technologies used
  • • The economic value and properties of reservoir fluids
  • • Petroleum geology for exploration and production
  • • About oil and gas reservoirs, both conventional and unconventional, and understand the key differences
  • • Exploration and appraisal technologies
  • • Drilling operations for exploration, development and production
  • • Production - well completions and production technology
  • • Reservoir recovery mechanisms through primary, secondary, and tertiary recovery
  • • Surface processing of produced fluids


  • This course is meant for Diploma holders, Graduates, Post graduates and Engineers. The candidate must possess an understanding of basic structural geology and geophysical principles. The candidate must possess the willingness to learn.




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