Course description

: One of the key goals of the course is to explain the large and confusing amount of jargon that is used by the geophysical community when they use seismic data. The course is supplemented by a large number of case histories that concretely illustrate the principles in the course material. These are updated with every course presentation to keep up with the rapidly developing technology in this field. 

What will i learn?

  • • The nature of seismic data
  • • Understand what wave propagation is and also understand what causes seismic reflections and how they relate to rock properties including pore filling material
  • • Understand the wavelength in the seismic data and its limit of resolution; Seismic velocities as they relate to rock properties and the imaging process
  • understands the relationship between seismic velocities and pore pressure and also understandPore pressure prediction; Seismic data processing and seismic migration


  • This course is meant for Diploma holders, Graduates, Post graduates and Engineers. The candidate must possess an understanding of basic structural geology and geophysical principles.
  • The candidate should be involved in using seismic data that needs to understand and use this data at a basic level or to communicate with others that use it. The candidate must possess the willingness to learn.




Skill level


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